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Successful Event Do's & Don'ts

A list of insights from combined decades of experience and thousands of gigs.

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Event Tips & Advice

Details matter and take it from the pros; some are more important than others.  Every event is different, however these basic principles for success apply to almost all of them. 

Don'ts (and suggestions)

Starting off with the Do-Not's, because they are simply more important.

Florida Sun

  • THIS IS #1  As you know the Florida sun is brutal and the number one culprit of events locally.

  • Your modern DJ carries expensive electronics and powerful computers susceptible to heat and direct sun. Shade is an absolute must.

  • Depending on the time of day sunlight can enter an outdoor tent from deferent angles, be prepared with a back or side wall.

  • Keep chilled water easily available to guests and staff.

  • The evening is always cooler...and so is air conditioning :)

Electrical Power

  • Your DJ requires AT LEAST ONE dedicated two plug power outlet.  Dedicated is the key word. Anything besides a couple LED lights on the same line could trip breakers.  Air conditioners, fridges, and kitchen/catering appliances should be on a different breaker all together. 

  • NO POWER GENERATORS, just don't do it. It's loud too. 

  • The dedicated power source should not be much more then 50-60 feet from where the DJ is setup. Keep in mind cords can be tripping hazards or eye sores. 

Physical Space Needed

  • A DJ takes up the same amount of space as a small band. Speakers should ideally still be 20-25 apart.

  • FLAT is important!!  Your DJ needs a flat sturdy surface. Speakers and everything else will be on stands. Leaning anything is very bad. Keep in mind of the outside softness of the grounds and thickness of the grass. 

  • Never put a DJ in the sand. Besides a beach ceremony it is a disaster.

  • The DJ should be facing the dance floor! There should be nothing besides buffer space between DJ and audience.  Tables and any form of seating should be kept away from speakers as much as possible.

  • Corners, decks, stages  and cemented floors work best. 

  • Shade, Shade, Shade


  • KNOW YOUR CROWD!  Music sets a mood and environment.  If it's an older audience and your grandma is going to be there; chances are they don't like Metallica. Don't force your DJ to anger people

  • Trust your professional DJ. Yes, you can request your songs and genres...but choosing each individual song will result in a musical set with no flow.  You may lose the dance floor multiple times with  extreme changes in music.

  • Volume is proportional to crowd size.  If you have 100 people the DJ will be exactly as loud as a band would be. Know your local noise ordinance laws and be prepared with neighboring home owners. 


  • Don't put people or electronics in direct sun.

  • No tents or dance floors on hills. Nobody will dance on a hill or uneven surface; I have seen it multiple times. 

  • Don't use marijuana publicly at your event....some people just aren't ready yet. 

  • Stay sober before your event. Don't know why. 

Do's (and suggestions)

The Do's, will make all the difference.


  • Plan ahead!  Choose your event date; then event location (hall, venue, hotel, back yard, etc...and book in advance to ensure availability.  Then book your DJ.

  • DJ's tend to book up at the same rate as local halls and venues.

  • Have everyone involved cell number handy.

  • From out of town? It's hot here; light clothing...not suits and ties. 

  • Rain can happen! Have a backup plan. 


  • The planning is over, remind yourself to relax and enjoy what you put together.  It may not all go perfect but sometimes those are the best moments.

  • Get a hall or venue!  The back yard is more stress and way harder work unless kept extremely small. Better yet get a place that cleans up after you. (you will thanks me)

  • Don't micromanage, let the pros you hired do their jobs.  


  • Have Food, always. Even snacks will sober up your uncle.

  • Wedding or romantic celebrations under 25 people should be plated and served.

  • Think outside the box.  Food trucks are in... and delicious. Have one pull up to your event. p.s. They have an alcohol truck too.

  • The biggest success with food for large crowds is to go simple.  Everyone loves a 25 foot Italian sub or a massive pile of chic filet nuggets. Kids love pizza. Don't get too fancy. It's cheaper too!


  • HAVE A BARTENDER!..or dedicated sober drink pourer person. Keep all alcohol separated from your event.

  • Have plenty of cold water and ice.

  • Consider having beer and wine only.  Its nice when everyone remembers the evening.

  • Don't go cheap.  


  • Take lots of pictures and videos! ...or hire a photographer so you don't have to.

  • Fans are great indoors or out.

  • Have a separate bathroom for women. Men are gross :)

  • After everyone arrives; maybe put away or turn off your cell phone. Could be fun :)

  • If from out of town, arrive a day or so early.

  • Enjoy Paradise

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